Top Signs of Window Seal Failure You Shouldn’t Ignore

Windows can do much more than frame outdoor views and let sunlight in during the day. They also play a significant role in maintaining your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. However, they won’t be able to do that if the seals are already compromised. But how can you tell if this is the case? Today’s blog post takes a look at the six signs of window seal failure.

Window Seal Failure

Condensation Between Panes

Temperature difference inside and outside your home causes condensation to form on the window surface. It is a normal occurrence, and it signifies how airtight your windows are. However, if the water droplets accumulate in between the panes, it only means the seals have been broken. The inert gas in between the panes have escaped, reducing the windows’ thermal performance.

Drafty Windows

Even when the windows are closed, you may feel a draft inside your living space. It is an indication of broken seals, which means the windows are  allowing outside air to infiltrate indoors and wreak havoc on your indoor climate. If overlooked, your home becomes less comfortable. Your heating and cooling system would have to work hard to keep up with the comfort demands in your home, resulting in an increase in energy consumption.

Distorted Glass

Compromised window seals not only cause condensation to form in between the glass panes. As the inert gas escapes through the gaps, the panes start to bend and collapse in the middle. You can easily check this by looking at your reflection on the glass. If it appears distorted or warped, it means the seals have failed. The only solution left would be to invest in window replacement, since the affected windows have lost their thermal efficiency and are practically rendered useless.

Water Leaks

Window seal failure can also lead to water damage caused by leaks. If not addressed, moisture can damage not just the frames but also the walls and floors. Keeping an eye out for this issue is imperative to determine if you’re dealing with window seal failure.

High-Quality Replacement Windows in Houston, TX

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