Top 4 Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

The popularity of double-hung windows in American homes comes as no surprise. While this type of window has a traditional look and operation, it can easily match any architectural style. Here are the top four advantages of installing a double-hung window in your home.

double-hung windows

1. It offers superior ventilation. One of the greatest benefits of a double-hung window is it brings great ventilation and airflow control. To achieve optimal ventilation, open both of its sashes. The top sash will allow cool, fresh air into the room while the bottom sash will let warm, stale air escape.

2. It comes in a range of styles. Double-hung windows are known for their classic appearance, making them a suitable addition to any home style. They also come in a range of colors, sizes and finishes to better complement the rest of your exterior.

3. It requires minimal maintenance. Most homeowners are looking for windows that are low maintenance. Since double-hung windows come with tilt-out sashes, cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces is easier and less time-consuming. Some models even have removable sashes. You should, however, check and lubricate all moving parts of these windows on a regular basis so they can last longer.

4. It’s energy-efficient. Aside from providing excellent ventilation, windows should also bring in copious amounts of natural light without the glare. Choose double-hung windows made of low-emissivity (low-E) glass and composite material for increased comfort and energy efficiency. This will also cut down your energy costs in the long run.

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