Top 3 Large Window Styles for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for simple yet high-impact ways to open up your kitchen and make it look brighter, look no further than these three visually stunning large window design ideas.

Top 3 Large Window Styles for Your Kitchen

Angled Bay Windows

Large, angled bay windows are perhaps the most popular iteration of the bay window. They are usually what comes to mind when talking about bay windows. Angled bay windows protrude outwards. When viewed from your kitchen, it looks as if it’s a slightly separated area, but part of your kitchen nonetheless. You can make angled bay windows blend seamlessly with the look of your kitchen by utilizing the same color theme for the design elements, such as the curtains.

Box Bay Windows

This type of bay window is a bit more angular, but still just as versatile and aesthetically pleasing as the angled bay window. If you want more natural light streaming into your kitchen, box bay windows are your best bet. However, you should keep in mind that bay windows, regardless of the type, are complex and require professional installation. You should check with your preferred window replacement contractor whether they specialize in bay window installation to ensure quality workmanship.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

There’s nothing quite like being able to look outside and admire your garden while enjoying a cup of coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling windows will afford you that simple pleasure, plus more sunlight. Not to mention that floor-length windows will make your kitchen look more spacious and elegant.

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