Tips on Planning Your Window Replacement Budget

Planning the budget is one of the most important steps of getting new windows for your home. There is always the risk of overspending or compromising certain parts of the project if the budget isn’t planned properly. Today, we share tips on preparing your window replacement budget.

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Research the Ballpark Price

Window replacement companies never publish their price lists because of many variables unique to every home, including the number of windows, glass types and window styles among others. These factors ultimately contribute to the window replacement project’s cost.

You won’t get actual figures until you ask window replacement contractors for estimates or quotations. However, if you’d prefer to have an idea of how much such projects cost, you might want to ask friends and family who have had their windows replaced and won’t mind telling you what the cost was. Keeping in mind the aforementioned variables, you should be able to have an approximation of the involved costs, and how changes like replacing double hung windows with picture windows will affect the estimated price.

Consider Financing Options

Cash remains the preferable payment option for building and remodeling projects. Once you have cash on hand, it doesn’t require approvals, does not incur interest and has no further payment obligations after full payment. However, cash isn’t the only option available. Other options like credit cards may be ideal if you don’t have cash on hand and your project cannot wait.

There are also various types of loans that can help you finance your project. Unsecured personal loans do not require collateral, but may have relatively lower payouts. Secured loans, such as home equity loans (HEL) and home equity line of credit (HELOC) as well as cash-out refinancing, are also available financing options. Additionally, contractors like us may offer other financing options.

Include a Contingency Budget

You should always leave headroom for unexpected expenses. Sometimes, hidden issues like dry rot or damaged insulation do not get found until after the old windows are removed. The cost to cover repairs are generally not included in the estimate, so you will need to prepare a contingency budget on top. Usually 10% to 20% of the project cost is enough to cover such repairs.

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