Tips for Choosing Exterior Window Trim Color

When designing your exterior view, you have to consider a lot of things like the texture of the siding, objects around the house, the backdrop or view outside, the roofing design, patio doors and deck design. And, even the littlest of details like the exterior window trim can have a great impact on your curb appeal.

But above all these, the color of the exterior plays a major role in the overall exterior look. There are simple principles homeowners should follow when they want to make their home exterior paint more stylish.

1. Complement the Overall Design 

Look at the entire exterior of the house. Is there a color scheme being followed? Does the undertone have a warm of cool color palette? Consider the undertones of the overall design, and match the color of your exterior doors and windows based on it.

2. Consider Other Elements

Don’t forget about the facade or surface of your house. What’s the texture, and what materials are used? Is it covered in vinyl, wood, rocks or bricks? White window trim can be a safe choice, but not for a white facade. The goal is to create a little variation for your windows.

3. Your Roofing System Matters

Look up to your roof. What color do you think will match it? Is the color of your roof dark gray, red-ish, or brown? Gray window trim is a neutral color that suits many color palettes. But if you want to emphasize your trims, don’t use a color similar to your roofing system.

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