The Right Windows and Doors for Aging-in-Place Design

Aging-in-place is by no means a new concept in home and interior design. The idea is simple: incorporate quality of life improvements to make your home more aging-friendly and accessible for the long term. This includes choosing replacement windows that help people with mobility issues or disabilities.

Right Windows and Doors for Aging-in-Place Design

Doors and windows are perhaps the last parts of your home that you would think have anything to do with aging-in-place design. However, they do fill a very unique role in helping create a safe and accessible environment. 

Easy Operation

It’s common to lose a little spring in your step as you grow older. So, your choice of window and doors should be geared toward ease of operation. Choose sliding windows and doors that are simple to use and can be open and shut without needing too much force. Some casement windows with a well-maintained crank can also be an option.

Number of Windows

Vision problems tend to be common in the elderly so designing rooms with as much lighting would do well in helping them with their daily activities. If possible, choose windows and doors with large glass areas and narrow frames to let as much daylight inside as possible. Proper daylighting can also have plenty of health benefits and make any room appear larger than it actually is.

Wider Doors

For people with mobility issues, narrow doors can be problematic. Your choice of doors should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair use. You can improve this further by eliminating any steps you may have and replacing them with access ramps instead.

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