The Best Way to Fix Your Rattling Windows

If your windows make a rattling noise in the wind, then this isn’t good for your home. This is because it means there’s an issue with your windows and that they need to be properly addressed. In most cases, a full replacement is even recommended to avoid spending for additional repair costs down the road. Here are some of the likely causes:

Best Way to Fix Your Rattling Windows

Loose Glass

Loose glass is actually one of the major causes behind rattling windows. If the glass on your windows is loose, it needs to be re-caulked to make it airtight. It’s recommended that this should be done by a trusted professional so you can be sure that the caulk is applied to all window edges. Your hired window contractor will see to it that there aren’t any gaps, and the window glass is firmly held in place. Afterwards, make sure to soak a rag in vinegar to wipe away any excess caulk on your window frames or on the glass.

Loose Sash

As your windows wear down over time, they’ll deteriorate faster during bad weather. This sometimes causes the window sashes to come loose and cause it to rattle in the wind. You’ll find this happening more often in wood-framed windows, where the wood can warp and shrink with the changing weather.

Dealing With Rattling Windows 

If your windows are neglected, they’ll deteriorate faster. Rain water can also cause damage in the long run, especially if you have wooden windows that can rot and warp. This is why regular maintenance checks are extremely important if you want to reduce the risk of rattling on your windows.

Replacing your rattling windows is often the better option than having to spend for repairs from time to time. Just make sure you get them installed by trusted professionals as this will go a long way toward keeping your windows in their best condition.

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