SmartSun™ Glass: Winning the Battle against Sun Damage

The greatest consequence of letting natural light into your home is sun damage. Unless you live in perpetual darkness, there’s no preventing the fading of your valuables.

Winning the Battle against Sun Damage

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the largest contributor to the discoloration of your drapes, carpets, walls, floors, furniture, and fabric among others. It’s an invisible portion of the solar spectrum, which you’d only notice when it has wreaked havoc with your home items. You can’t stop it completely, but you can surely reduce it.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, our answer to harmful UV rays is our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Here’s how our SmartSun-reinforced windows can protect your valued home items:

Formidable Defense against UV Rays

Compared with most glass packages in the window industry, our SmartSun glass delivers superior sun damage protection. It blocks 95% of all UV rays that try to come into your home. It’s more than good enough to slow down the fading process at a profound level. SmartSun helps your valuables retain their vibrant colors for a long time.

Invisible Dress to Naked Windows

When you have SmartSun glass for your bay, casement, and picture windows, you don’t need any covering to combat sun damage. Despite its high energy performance ratings, it practically has no effect on the color or clarity of sunlight.

Uncompromising Protection for Decades

Our SmartSun glass comes with a 20-year warranty. Our powerful guarantee ensures its intended functionality for many years. In case of material or manufacturing defects, we’ll come back to repair the problem or even recreate the entire unit ASAP, whichever is needed.

Other than its astounding sun damage resistance, SmartSun lends your double-hung, bow, specialty, and sliding windows all-around utility. It has innovative coatings that prevent dirt buildup and water spotting. Equipped with an argon gas blend and stainless steel spacer, it minimizes heat loss dramatically. Plus, SmartSun’s incredible toughness reduces the chance of breakage no matter what happens.

As the exclusive source of SmartSun in Sugar Land, TX, we can make your home stand up to the intense Texas heat all year long. Call Renewal by Andersen of Houston now at (281) 547-6177 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation.