Seeing Your Window in Full Detail: The Components

Renewal by Andersen® has been providing high-quality, energy-efficient windows for years. We ensure these features through our smart choice of material per component. Today, your premier window installer discusses some of these components in detail.

Window Replacement


The sash is the frame holding the glass in place. It consists of rails along the top and bottom of your windows and the stiles on the sides. To ensure superior durability and energy efficiency, Renewal by Andersen of Houston uses our exclusive Fibrex® material for the sash of all our windows. This provides the excellent durability and insulation of wood and the low-maintenance property of vinyl.

We offer this in a wide array of colors and finishes for increased aesthetic appeal. Its high durability also allows us to create window frames in a range of styles and shapes, from custom-built to double hung windows.


This refers to the glass in your windows. Glazing is available in single, double, or triple thicknesses with an air space in between. We use a special glazing compound to hold the glass in place. For maximum energy efficiency, Renewal by Andersen creates windows with their High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages. This provides excellent energy efficiency, reducing the use of heating and cooling appliances. This also effectively blocks out harmful UV rays to protect your interior.


These are the side pieces that form your window’s frame and hold the sash holding the glass. We integrate weatherstrips into the side jambs of our windows to provide high levels of protection against drafts.


This is the locking device that we attach where the two rails meet. This locks the window and helps seal the unit closed, ensuring energy efficiency and comfortable indoor spaces. Renewal by Andersen features a range of customization options for your window. Choose from our selection of hardware options to customize the appearance and security level of your windows.

For a quality window replacement, turn to Renewal by Andersen. Our team of installers will ensure the expert installation of your windows for superior performance. We serve Houston, TX, homes and nearby cities. Call us today at (281) 547-6177 for a free consultation.