Replacing Your Windows During the Off-Season

There may be experts and homeowners who will argue against swapping out your old windows during the off-season, especially winter. However, choosing this time of the year has its advantages, too.

Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, a trusted provider of high-quality windows, discusses the benefits of replacing your windows during the off-season.

Replacing Windows in Summer

With the hotter temperature it brings, summer usually means higher energy bills for a lot of homeowners. This is exactly why it’s a great time to switch to energy-efficient windows. You can take advantage of faster installation and benefit from lower utility bills. It also prepares your home for colder weather. And, with several families going on vacation during this time of the year, booking a window contractor might just be easier

Replacing Windows in Fall or Winter

There are risks to installing new windows during the colder months. With enough preparation, however, you can certainly make your window replacement job a success. Timing is crucial, especially for winter installations. So, if possible, schedule the job on a sunny day, and have your contractor come to your home mid-morning.

Ensure your contractor applies silicone-based caulk and not latex or acrylic. Silicone adheres better in colder temperatures and promotes improved waterproofing and weatherization. Additionally, you can have your contractor work on one window at a time so that your home isn’t exposed to too much cold. Professionals can also cover the opening with floor-to-ceiling plastic while the installation is ongoing. Make sure to close all interior doors that lead to the room as well.

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