Replacing Windows One a Time or All at Once

When updating your windows, should you replace them one at a time or all at once? There are proponents on both sides of this debate, and it can cause some confusion for many homeowners, particularly first-time remodelers.

Replacing Windows One a Time or All at Once

Design Consistency
Your windows are an integral part of your curb appeal so consistency is key. You don’t necessarily need to choose uniform windows. You can have multiple styles (casement windows here, double-hung windows there), but still make sure that the styles coordinate well with each other. Achieving this level of consistency is much easier when you’re replacing all your windows in one go. It’s also possible to do it piecemeal although it will certainly be more difficult.

Saving Money

Cost-saving with replacement windows is tricky. On the one hand, doing it one at a time will definitely be cheaper, but, on the other, getting a whole new set of windows can save you money on energy bills stretched out over a longer period of time. So, it’s all a question of time and how long you’re willing to wait to get a return on your investment.

A piecemeal window installation always carries the risk that your needed window is currently unavailable. This is one of the biggest advantages to getting all your windows replaced at once. However, with a reputable installation company that specializes in customization, this risk is reduced considerably.

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