Renewal by Andersen® of Houston and the Environment

Companies today need take a stand for the environment. Recently, Renewal by Andersen® was selected as “Member of the Month” by the Minnesotan nonprofit organization Environmental Initiative.


Renewal by Andersen of Houston looks at what this means and how customers will benefit greatly from this green achievement.

What the award means

Focusing on more than just great doors and windows in Sugar Land, Texas and the rest of America, Renewal by Andersen plays an active role in environmental programs. We’re a signatory on the Ceres Climate Declaration, which focuses on adopting sustainable practices towards a healthier, greener global economy. Perhaps the biggest contribution and role that we play is reflected in our line of products. Everything we do is geared towards sustainability, including the processes involved, the materials used, and the procedures and protocols we undertake.

What it means to you

So how does all of this trickle down to you as a consumer and homeowner? It actually comes down to two things: energy efficiency and resiliency, which are best expressed by the green materials we use in all our products.

  • Fibrex®: We use this material for all our frames, from our French patio doors to our sliding windows in Sugar Land, Texas. It’s a unique blend of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer, which are sourced from reclaimed and recycled products. This unique combination blocks heat transfer through its surface to keep your home cool. It also helps you save off your energy bills too because your air conditioning is not taxed too heavily. It’s also highly durable, as it resists decay, rot, corrosion, pitting, and peeling.
  • High-Performance™ Low-E4®: Even the glass that we use for our windows and doors play a part in our environmental commitment. The low emissivity rating indicates a great degree of thermal control. Our optional SmartSun™ glazing enhances this effect by filtering out 95% of UV rays.

Moreover, Renewal by Andersen of Houston offers products that have very long lifecycles. Apart from avoiding constant replacements, you also lessen the landfill waste that normally accumulates from constant window and door replacements across the country.

Savings, peace of mind, and participation in eco-friendly measures — these are what you can be sure of from our doors and windows. Renewal by Andersen of Houston strives to transform environmental commitments into practical applications and products. So, give us a call today, and we’ll be more than happy to talk you about our amazing options.