Pointers for Staying Cool During Summer

Firing up the air conditioning unit on a sunny day can be a costly way of cooling down your home, which is why many homeowners try to get a cross-breeze with their windows. However, is that really what you should do?

Closed or Open?

Using a thermometer, try measuring the temperature inside and outside your home. When the air outside is cooler than the air inside, you can open your windows to let the cold breeze inside. Meanwhile, if the air outside is warmer than the air inside, it is better to keep your windows closed.

The explanation behind this is that, once you open your windows on a hot day, the warm air will come in, making it even hotter inside. For instance, you open your windows at midday, you might feel like you are cooling off your house, but the truth is that hotter air is entering your household.

The Best Solution

It is best to keep your windows shut in the morning to trap the cooler air inside. Afterward, when it starts to cool down during the afternoon, you can start opening your windows again.

If you do not like opening and closing your windows from time to time, you should invest in high-quality insulation for your house. Moreover, you can also find windows that are energy-efficient so that you need not worry about being hot during the summer.

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