Notable Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Houston attests that double glazing is a key element of every ENERGY STAR®-certified window. Research shows that two panes are better than one, and, today, we talk about the notable advantages of using more than one piece of glass.

Enhanced Insulation

Double-pane windows minimize heat transfer far better than single-pane ones. The presence of two sheets of glass helps, but filling the void with a gas contributes to insulation more.

While the most popular choices are argon and krypton, the latter is just marginally better and much more expensive. To attain a healthy balance between efficiency and affordability, we came up with our own argon gas blend. As a result, our products have excellent energy ratings.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation happens when water vapor turns into liquid because the moist air meets a colder surface. Renewal by Andersen of Houston admits that interior condensation is a common issue among energy-efficient fenestration units, especially picture windows for they are airtight.

Double glazing helps improve the condensation resistance of a window. Thanks to lower rates of heat transfer, the glass of double-pane windows are naturally warmer, keeping moisture in the air from becoming liquid water.

Decreased Noise

Double-pane casement, double-hung, bay, bow, specialty and sliding windows are thicker than their single-pane counterparts. Closing them can help abate outdoor noise pollution and, at the same time, boost your indoor privacy. Argon enhances the soundproofing characteristics of a window, giving it another reason to use as a gas fill.

As mentioned, double glazing is not the only determinant of window energy efficiency. In addition to a gas fill, low-E coatings, rigid framing material and a low-conductance spacer matter, too.

With decades of product research and development, Renewal by Andersen of Houston found a way to make all of these elements blend harmoniously. Call us at (281) 547-6177 now to set up a free consultation to learn more about our ENERGY STAR–approved windows. We serve Sugar Land, TX, and the neighboring communities.