Maintenance Tips to Get Your Windows Ready for Fall

With the warm days of summer growing shorter and shorter, it’s time to get your windows ready for the colder days of fall and winter. Aside from keeping your windows looking their best, proper maintenance has a number of practical benefits. A thorough inspection of your replacement windows is essential to spot potential problems even before they become more serious, and this can help add a good year or two onto the estimated service of your windows.

Keep It Clean

Dust and other debris accumulates quickly in the dry summer months. This poses a problem for sliding and double-hung windows as these particles can get stuck in the tracks of window sashes, which can make them hard to open and close. Keep both the interior and exterior of your windows clean by wiping them down with a non-abrasive washcloth and mild liquid soap. Store-bought window cleaner works fine as well.

Professional Inspection

Give your local windows contractor a call, and schedule a professional maintenance appointment for your windows. Regular maintenance should be done at least once a year to ensure that your windows are in good shape all year-round. Avoid going a full three years without getting your windows checked out by a certified professional.

Repairs and Replacement

The last days of summer is the best time of the year to finally get a window replacement if you’re long overdue for one. Getting brand-new replacement windows before the heating season begins is a great way to improve your energy efficiency and save on your utility bills for the cooler months ahead.

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