Keeping Your Windows in Top Form for Fall

Keeping your windows in top condition this fall is important. The change in seasons brings new challenges for your home, and your windows have to be prepared for them. In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston discusses how to inspect and maintain your windows for fall, as well as the telltale signs that your window is too far gone.

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Window Maintenance Routine

Your casement, sliding, picture, and double hung windows in Houston, TX are constantly exposed to the elements, so dirt and wear and tear is to be expected. After cleaning them, check your windows for small cracks and see if you can feel a draft. Seal those gaps and inspect the weatherstripping. If they’re ragged, replace them with new ones. Finally, caulk around the window frames.

Performing this routine on your windows can help you save money on utility bills because up to 23% of a home’s energy is lost through inefficient windows. If you’re using wooden windows, make sure to check them for signs of rot as well. Proper maintenance will ensure your window will last, but all things have a finite service life. If your window is old, needs constant repair, and displays these signs, then you need a replacement.

Signs of Window Failure

If you see condensation in between the window panes, then it means your window’s seals have failed. Its insulating gases have drained away and your window is no longer energy-efficient. It’s now time for window replacement in Houston, TX.

Additionally, if your window has large cracks or rotting frames, then you should let it go. Another sign is water infiltration. If water gets into your home from the outside, it means that your window can no longer protect you from the weather. If you find that you need high quality replacement windows, then we can help.

Replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Houston can help save you money on energy bills and reduce your home’s maintenance requirements. Since they are made of our exclusive Fibrex® material, you no longer have to worry about chipping, cracking, blistering, or fading. Additionally, Fibrex is stable and rigid in all climates, so air leaks from bowing frames aren’t a problem.

High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass can help save you up to 25% on your energy bills because they reflect heat back to the source. Our windows will help you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our installation teams can install your new replacement windows quickly and perfectly, so you can enjoy your new windows as soon as possible. We aim to give you a wonderful window replacement experience, so give us a call to learn more about our windows or to schedule a free in-home consultation.