Improved Window Technologies – Part 3: Composite Framing

A number of factors go into deciding which window frame material to choose, starting with aesthetics. However, you may also want to prioritize outstanding insulation, durability, and ease of maintenance. If these are all important to you, composites are one framing type you should most definitely consider.

Composite Framing

What Are Composites?

Generally, composites are materials made from at least two constituent materials, creating different properties when combined compared to their original characteristics. In the case of window frame composites like Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex®, the materials used are reclaimed wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer. The result? A composite that combines the best attributes of wood and vinyl.

Composite Window Frames: Tough Against Heat and Weather

Heat doesn’t just pass through the window’s glass panel, but also through the frame. If you feel the frame of an ordinary window on a hot summer day, you’ll notice that even the inside of the frame is heated to some degree. This is heat passing through the frame.

Window frames made of aluminum are notorious for allowing heat to pass through. In fact, any type of metal frame is a conductor of heat. Wooden frames are better in preventing heat from passing through, but the problem with this material is that it can shrink, expand, or even warp, depending on the weather. When this happens, gaps can develop between the frame and wall, through which heat, air, water, and even insects can pass through these gaps.

Compared to wood and aluminum, composites like Fibrex offer superior thermal resistance, stunting heat transfer to keep indoor temperatures stable. In fact, it is 700 times better than aluminum at keeping thermal transfer at bay! Additionally, Fibrex is durable enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions, not warping, expanding, or shrinking in extreme conditions.. It will also not peel, rot, decay, blister, or become a hotbed for mold growth.

Tough, Yet Beautiful

In many cases, form and function are not present at the same time, especially when durability is a priority. However, when it comes to Fibrex, homeowners need not choose to enjoy either durability or beauty because they can get both! Boasting the best qualities of wood and vinyl, it can be crafted to almost any desired shape, available in a range of color options and finishes to complement your home exactly.

Windows have truly come a long way, addressing a variety of needs to take living in your home to the next level. To truly make the most of what window technologies have to offer, make sure you work only with trusted contractors in your area. With their expertise, you’re sure to be provided with expert craftsmanship, setting the right conditions for your replacement windows to perform their best.