How We Improve Picture Windows

Picture windows can be ideal window replacement projects. They are stationary glass windows, inoperable but excellent in providing a view. With the right background, you can turn a simple outdoor view into a work of art. With our Low-E glass, you can make that installation even better. Here’s how.

How We Improve Picture Windows

Explaining Our Glass

Windows get hit by sunlight every day. The rays of the sun contain ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause furniture to fade in color. They also have solar heat, so the temperature indoors could rise. Together, they can make a sunny day into an expensive nightmare.

As a leading expert in window installation, we make sure our Low-E glass protects you from this. Our windows have special coatings on the panes that act as a filter to diffuse UV radiation and solar heat. Simply put, it keeps the bad light out of your home.

How They Work Together

The biggest issue with picture windows is that they typically have a large glass area. That means more space for the heat to be absorbed, which can lead to higher energy bills due to a higher rate of heat transfer and energy inefficiency in the home. You can address this issue with our Low-E glass. Along with the Low-E coatings, we also use multiple panes to further diffuse heat. We also have Fibrex® frames, which are made of our own proprietary blend of wood and vinyl as well as special gas fillings. Together, they make a sunny day look great without feeling hot.

Revitalize your home with our replacement windows. We offer all kinds, from picture windows to casement windows. They all come in different styles and custom sizes to fit your home. With our precise and timely installations, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new windows will perform better.

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