How to Replace Windows in the Fall

If you have a cracked, warped or drafty window, you cannot exactly wait until the next spring season rolls in to install a new one. Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to take on window replacement project even during cold weather. You simply need to follow a few precautionary steps to make sure the window is installed properly and seamlessly. Here are some tips:

Replace Window
  • If possible, have the contractor install the window on a warm, sunny day. Schedule the installation in mid-morning so that the materials will have time to warm up and expand. Take note of a rainy forecast as most sealants require at least 24 hours to set before they can be exposed to moisture. An experienced installer will make sure the exterior surfaces are completely dry before starting the task.  
  • Apply silicone-based caulk around the window. Instead of using latex or acrylic, a reliable installer will apply a silicone-based adhesive to fill crevices during the window installation. This material adheres more readily to the window during colder temperatures, making it an excellent choice for waterproofing applications.  
  • Use a joint sealant with high movement capability. A reputable installer knows that a caulk with plus or minus 25% movement will perform better when installed in chilly weather than other alternatives. Also, keep in mind that only a correctly specified and professionally applied high-quality joint sealant can keep your window sustainably tight throughout its entire service life, so make sure your contractor uses one for your window.

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