How to Inspect Windows and Doors for Leaks

Air and water leaks are one of the most common issues homeowners run into when it comes to their windows and doors. It’s important to inspect your fenestration products regularly for them to function properly. This also reduces costly energy and repair bills in the long run. 

Air Leaks

How to Check for Air Leaks?

To inspect your windows and doors, check these following openings:

  • Seal your home by locking all windows, doors and skylights.
  • Close all your dampers and HVAC vents.
  • Go to your kitchen and bathroom to seal off the exhaust vents.
  • Place a burning incense stick on all the openings to see if there is any air passing through them.

Spotting Window Issues

A small gap is all that air and water needs to infiltrate your home. This can cause major problems, such as rotting frames, damaged caulking, broken glass and faulty closures. Here are a few things to check out when inspecting your window replacement units:

1. Shake Them a Bit

If you notice that they are rattling, this means that the frame isn’t secure. In turn, this can allow air to leak out of your home, which reduces your energy efficiency. This can be fixed with caulking and securing them with nails.

2. Check Locks

Make sure that your windows slide smoothly up and down. If not, use any sharpened object around the frame to remove dried paint. For casement windows, check if the top locks secure on their latches.

3. Check for Cracks

If there are any noticeable cracks on your windows, have them replaced by your window contractor immediately.

Spotting Door Issues

1. Look Out for Cracks

Cracks can reduce your door’s effectiveness at stopping air and water leaks from entering your home.

2. Check Your Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping also helps stop water from seeping into your home so it has to be in good condition.

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