How to Improve a Window View

When you have a nice view of the outdoors from your windows, it can almost certainly raise your home’s market value and your overall mood. But does that mean having a bad view lowers the value? Sometimes, getting a window replacement can actually make up for the not-so-flattering view outside, provided that you know which elements to use and how you can make them work. 

Textured Sheer Roller Shades/Curtains

This idea isn’t really difficult to implement, and there are several options to choose for the material. The trick to using this to obstruct an unappealing view is to go for a sheer material that’s also either patterned or textured. This will help provide a nice visual distraction from the view. You can opt for sheer curtains or roller shades alone, or have them under your regular curtains if you still want to block light at night.

A Natural and Living Screen

Another creative idea to improve the view of your windows is by planting mature trees to block the view. Of course, this requires ample space, time and money. But it can be worth the investment if you want to add greener and more natural elements in your home. For instance, installing bamboo is one stylish way to conceal a building that’s adjacent to a narrow side yard. While using bamboo can be fine, it can also be invasive if not planted properly with a root barrier, so it may not be for every type of home.

Stained Glass

There’s no need to actually change your window’s glass; just place a few stained-glass designs hanging or leaning on your windows to make it work. Whether the stained glass is of traditional or contemporary design is your call, but having this can really make the unattractive view obscured yet more visually appealing. 

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