How to Address Window Warping by Choosing Fibrex® Material

High-quality windows last for years and will not easily distort or sustain damage. Warping is a common issue with this part of your home. This problem occurs when the windows are exposed to excessive heat, especially vinyl ones. 

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Fortunately, you do not have to worry about warping windows with Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® frame material. Keep reading to learn more.

Which Windows Are Prone to Warping?

Wood and vinyl windows are great options for your home. However, these materials are prone to damage due to moisture, such as mold and mildew growth, and warping. Excessive moisture causes these materials to soften and eventually warp. 

Warping takes different forms like bowing, which appears like bends or distortions on the window’s surface. It can occur on the edges of the unit, which is called, “crooking.” Some windows may also look cupped or twisted because of constant exposure to harsh weather and the elements. 

How Does Fibrex® Material Solve This Problem?

When you choose Fibrex for your window replacement, warping should be the least of your concerns. It possesses the best features of vinyl and wood. This material is so strong that it can be made into nearly all window sizes and thinner frames. The thinner the frame of your windows, the more outdoor views you can enjoy. 

The most important benefit of Fibrex is that it will not rot, warp or decay. Mold and mildew are unlikely to grow on this material, meaning they will not harm your home’s indoor air quality. Moreover, Fibrex windows save you from constant maintenance as well. 

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