French Doors: What Makes Them Great Additions to a Home?

French doors offer several benefits that make them a great addition to any home. Here, we discuss the reasons why you should consider investing in French doors.

French Doors: What Makes Them Great Additions to a Home?

It Connects Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

French doors connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. The mostly glass construction allows for a clear view from the indoors and vice versa; instead of two distinctly separate spaces, French doors create the impression of one large living space. You can further reinforce this look with common decor, finishes and colors.

This connection is more than just about looks, of course. The physical connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces make it easier for you to entertain guests. No need to worry about how many people are coming over for your holiday dinners; open your French doors, and let your guests spill out into the patio and yard.

It Lets in the Sunshine

Homeowners invest in picture windows not just for the view, but also for natural light. They help reduce the need for artificial daytime lighting and make your indoor spaces look more spacious. Natural light also has health benefits, such as providing an abundant and natural source of vitamin D, as well as helping promote healthy amounts of sleep. French doors provide a bigger portal that lets natural light inside. Thanks to its low emissivity coatings, you can enjoy all these benefits without the problems caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat from the sun.

It Helps You Save on Your Utility Bills

The right kind of French doors can help you save on your energy costs. We have mentioned reduced dependence on artificial lighting. If your home happens to require several light bulbs to keep certain rooms properly lit, think about how patio doors can reduce, even eliminate, the need for artificial lighting. Homes with open floor plans, in particular, can greatly benefit from the kind of natural lighting provided by French doors. Additionally, energy-efficient French doors can also help reduce your indoor heating and cooling requirements.

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