Fibrex® Windows as a Solution to Vinyl Window Issues

Your choice of framing material affects how long your new windows last and how well they perform. That’s why it pays to consider your options carefully. Vinyl windows, for instance, are versatile and cost-effective, but they come with a couple of downsides. 

living room with white windows
  • Vinyl windows are prone to warping. While vinyl windows can be tough (depending on the material’s quality) and offer good weather resistance, they are susceptible to warping when directly exposed to the Texas heat. The fact is that heat can build up inside the material, softening it and causing the frames to warp.
  • They allow for considerable energy loss. Because vinyl windows have a tendency to warp under extreme temperatures, they can create gaps in the frames where costly energy can leak outside. At the same time, outdoor air will find its way into your home via these same openings, compromising your home’s thermal comfort.
  • Vinyl windows have a small glass area. Windows made of this material are typically designed for durability, which means they generally have bulky frames. This, in turn, leads to a loss of glass area.

Something Better and More Advanced

The good news is that there is an alternative material that can pretty much solve most of the issues common with vinyl windows. Take the Fibrex® windows offered by Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, for instance. Compared to vinyl, this composite material doesn’t warp under the blistering heat of the sun, allowing for tough and long-lasting performance. Because of this, we don’t have to make our windows bulky to make them more durable, resulting in picture and double hung windows with thinner frames and a larger glass area.

Fibrex windows can help lower your energy bills as well. They offer the superior insulating properties of wood, helping keep a more durable, tighter window seal that prevents air leakage and significant energy loss. If combined with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, Fibrex windows will reduce heat transfer to your home, maintaining a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment during the summer–but without the high air conditioning costs.

When in need of high-quality window replacement service, look no further than Renewal by Andersen of Houston. We’ll help you keep a lovelier, more comfortable and energy-efficient home with our exceptional Fibrex windows. We proudly serve the areas in and around Houston, TX. Call us today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!