Fibrex® Material: When Strength Meets Energy Efficiency

The Fibrex® material by Renewal by Andersen® was first conceptualized when our parent company introduced the first hollow vinyl window, which is a great insulator, but lacks structural integrity. After decades of research and development, Andersen® scientists perfected Fibrex in 1992. Since then, it has offered a healthier balance between durability and energy efficiency than its contemporaries do.

Fibrex® Material: When Strength Meets Energy Efficiency

Why is it the best framing material for your window installation project? Here are the three main reasons:

It Is Twice as Rigid as Vinyl

Our exclusive composite material is partly made from reclaimed wood, giving it the superior structural strength of timber. It has been proven to be 200% stronger than vinyl. It’s so rigid that we have the luxury of making our frames narrower to provide more glass area without sacrificing durability.

It Doesn’t Rot Like Wood

Although it has wood components, its special polymer formulation allows it to be immune to the effects of moisture. With Renewal by Andersen of Houston’s innovative extrusion process, thermoplastic polymers surround and coat all wood fibers. As a result, our double-hung, bay, bow, picture, sliding, specialty and casement windows are not susceptible to fungal growth and decay.

How does rot resistance benefit you? It means you don’t have to spend too much time, energy and money on the maintenance of our products. Unlike most timber species, the Fibrex-made components of our windows don’t become weak with prolonged exposure to moisture.

It Stays Weathertight

As with everything else, our Fibrex material expands and contracts with extreme changes in temperature. However, it doesn’t move to the point of bowing or developing cracks. If you choose us for your window replacement, air leakage won’t be a concern at all. Our windows can also maintain smooth operation for many years.

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