Dormer Windows and Their Styles

Dormer windows are typically used to bring natural light into the attic, lofts or rooms with vaulted ceilings. They tend to sit vertically on your roof while having their own little roof just above the windows. Basically, they make the spare space in your home more livable than it is. That said, if you want to add one, you’ll also have to consider the style that suits your roof.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston discusses the different dormer window styles.

Gable Dormers

Typically seen in English Tudor houses, these roofs are the most common style of dormer window and are characterized by the two sloping planes that meet in the center. These windows often add light and ventilation to an attic space while giving an aesthetic appearance. They’re also the least expensive window option.

Hip Dormer

These types are characterized by three sloping planes and are featured in Prairie and Craftsman architectural style homes. Be careful during the installation process, however, as improper sealing can lead to structural damage and leaks.

Shed Dormer

This type of dormer window only has one plane that slopes in the same direction as the actual roof, allowing water to run off it. This is also one of the larger window replacement alternatives when it comes to dormers as it ensures adequate ventilation and natural light.

Eyebrow Dormer

These are characterized by their lack of vertical sides, resembling a half-opened eye. Many homeowners tend to find this style aesthetically pleasing, though it’s more expensive than other dormer options.

Does My Window Type Matter?

Whether you’re choosing a casement or double hung windows, consider which window type is the best for you. One of the factors is aesthetics since your window type has to complement the dormer style. Another is size, obviously, since it wouldn’t do to pick a large casement window on a small eyebrow dormer.

Consider the window type’s energy efficiency as well. That way, you can still save some money on your energy bills.

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