Different Windows for Different Home Styles in Texas

Finding the right windows for your Texas home requires understanding your local weather. Because of the region’s climate, we typically have four major home styles. Here’s a quick look at these home styles and which windows work best for each of them.

Different Windows for Different Home Styles in Texas

Southern Style Homes

Southern homes are especially designed to beat the humid Texan climate. This style heavily favors wide features that maximize space, clean-looking columns and gabled roofs that give southern homes a distinct look. Southern-style homes need plenty of ventilation. Our double hung and casement windows are great for this classic-themed home style although you may also have to get smaller custom windows for the gable walls.


Traditional homes are actually a combination of various classic home styles from other regions, such as Colonial, Ranch and Craftsman. Because of their “hybrid” appearance, traditional homes in Texas are compatible with almost any traditional window style, including picture windows and casement windows. You may even consider getting bay windows for traditional homes that favor wider design elements.


European-themed homes are as fancy as they can get, featuring beautiful brick walls, multi-sloped roofing styles and other architectural cues straight from French, Italian and Old English architecture. Our specialty windows are great for this home style because they feature a lot of irregularly sized or heavily styled windows. Casement windows with arched top edges are also commonly used in European homes.


Modern home styles feature rather extreme visual elements. A modern home can look dynamic and organic with plenty of curves and circles, making specialty windows a good option. On the other hand, some modern styles favor sleek and minimalistic elements like picture windows or sliding windows with large, unobstructed glass panes.

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