Deciding Between Single and Double Sliding Windows

Choosing how your window operates is just as important as choosing the style of windows you want. Some window styles, such as picture windows, are completely inoperable and might not always work well in some areas of your home. As for sliders, many homeowners are torn between single- or double-sliding windows.

Deciding Between Single and Double Sliding Windows

Operability depends on the uses you expect your windows to have, and it’s not always easy to make this decision. Here’s a quick overview of double- and single-sliding windows so you can make a better choice.

Single Sliders Versus Double Sliders

With single-sliding windows, the entire window area is divided by two sashes. Only one of these two sashes remains operable while the other is stationary. It provides ample amounts of air flow and daylight for any room it’s in and is actually one of the most popular choices in many homes. With a double-sliding window, both sashes are operable, which can give you a little bit more flexibility in its usage.

Advantages and Disadvantages

With the main difference being only in opening size, the advantages and drawbacks for either style of window are more or less the same. Maintenance-wise, single sliders are a little bit easier to keep clean, but not by much. However, being able to slide open both sashes allows you to change how much airflow a room will get.

The Verdict

Overall, the decision is really up to the needs of your own home as well as the specific design requirements of every room. The most important thing is that you enlist the help of a professional to assist you in finding the right windows that are suitable for your situation.

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