Common Myths About Window Replacement

Window replacement is a simple and straightforward process, but there are myths about it that persist to this day. Today, we try to dispel those myths.

Common Myths About Window Replacement

MYTH: Windows Should Be Replaced in the Summer

This one is, by far, the most common. While there is no way to verify the source, we can follow the line of reasoning behind this myth:

  1. Home improvements are usually scheduled in the summer, which is ideal for roof replacement or home additions. The clear weather during summer is critical to the success of such projects, as doing them at any other time would place the home at risk of damage and water intrusion. School age children would also be on summer break around this time, which makes it easier for parents to focus on their home improvements.

  2. Before air conditioning, window installers would remove all the windows on the house at the same time and then install the new windows. It’s not as big a deal at the time as there would be no indoor cooling or heating to waste.

But the fact of the matter is, window replacement is not the same as roof replacement – or most other types of home improvement. Using today’s installation processes, you can have your windows replaced virtually any time of the year – even during fall and winter seasons.

MYTH: Window Replacement Takes a Long Time to Do

Window replacement takes far less time than it used to take. An average window replacement usually takes one or two days. Since the process doesn’t require removing all windows at once, the house won’t be left to the elements should the project require more than a day to finish.

MYTH: New Windows Do Not Improve Energy Efficiency

Windows can improve a house’s energy efficiency, but does not magically fix problems, such as deficient attic or exterior wall insulation. If your home happens to be equipped with inefficient windows – those with single-pane glass and uninsulated frames – then energy-efficient windows like the ones we offer can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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