Can You Use Windows as a Focal Point in Your Home?

Having a focal point for your interiors is a great way to round out the design of your home. Focal points can be just about anything: a painting, a piece of furniture or, in most cases, your windows. The challenging part of planning out your interior decoration is deciding which to use as a focal point and how to best maximize its aesthetic value.

Can You Use Windows as a Focal Point in Your Home?

If you’ve decided to use your replacement windows to be the focal point of your interior design, there are a few tried-and-tested practices that will elevate your final output. 

Use the Right Molding

If you’re using picture windows in your living room, your choice of molding is pretty much akin to the frames of a painting. The view outside the window itself would be subject, and the molding will help draw your eyes to its beauty. Molding design depends on the current style of your home. If you have existing molding in place, make sure to spend some time wiping it free of any dust to make it look even better.

Potted Plants

Indoor plants can help improve the air quality in your home. They can also create a great transition between natural views of trees outside your window and your interiors. Position plants in the area around your windows to give any room a more natural feel.

Changing Styles

Give your room a fresher look by mixing it up with a new window style. If you’ve always gone for double-hung windows for your living room, try using sliding windows instead to change up the aesthetics. 

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