Can You Use Replacement Windows to Improve Home Ventilation?

There is nothing better than breathing in clean, fresh air inside your home, and the best way to invite fresh air in is to use your window installation to maximize ventilation and air circulation. However, it’s not enough to keep your windows open to ventilate your home adequately. Your choice of replacement windows play a crucial role in determining just how well air can flow freely indoors.

Proper ventilation is one of the most important things experts take into account when deciding on which style of replacement window is best suited to your house. However, there are some windows that are generally a good choice for almost any situation. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side (usually the left or the right side) with a crank on the bottom side. You open the window by turning the crank, allowing air to blow through the window. Because of how it’s hinged, any air that flows past the window is channeled indoors, creating a cross-breeze effect that’s perfect for ventilation. As far as air circulation is concerned, casement windows are among the best options for any home.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are typically composed of three windows standing side by side, resting on a wall that juts out from your exteriors. These windows are usually operable windows like casements or double-hung windows, which allows for plenty of fresh air to enter a room. Bay windows, however, require a large window opening before they can be installed, but they are one of the best windows to facilitate proper ventilation.

Avoid Picture Windows

Of course, almost all styles of operable window replacement can contribute to your air circulation. However, this makes inoperable picture windows a poor choice. While they are great at framing beautiful outdoor vistas and letting in plenty of sunlight, they are not best suited to ventilate any room in your house.

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