Budgets Simplified: Breaking Down Replacement Window Costs

Whether it’s due to age or natural wear and tear, your window will have to be replaced at some point. Having an idea on what goes into the cost of a replacement window can help you prepare a budget.

Budgets Simplified: Breaking Down Replacement Window CostsFrame Material Costs 

Certain types of frame materials cost more to produce. But keep in mind that cost shouldn’t be your main focus while shopping for windows; you should focus on the needs of your home. After all, you’ll most likely have to replace a cheap but ill-suited window sooner or later.

Window Size, Shape and Style 

Frame materials costs are also partly determined by the replacement window’s size and style. Uniquely shaped and large windows would naturally use a lot more material, adding to the material and manufacturing costs.

Window Glass 

Just like the window frame, the more glass panes or the wider the glass, the more expensive a window becomes. But the area of the window glass isn’t the only contributing factor; the features play a role as well. Energy-efficient and soundproof glass have glazing, which costs more. As mentioned earlier, when evaluating whether certain features are worth the cost, always think about your home’s needs.

Labor Cost  

Labor costs usually make up the majority of the total window replacement cost. But cutting back on labor costs is never a good idea; it may even cost you more in the long term. Shoddy workmanship can damage high-quality windows while windows not installed properly will have to be replaced long before they should have.

Whether you need a window or door replacement, only hire certified contractors for installation work. Certifications and accreditations are proof a contractor has undergone professional training to improve their workmanship.

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