Basics of Noise-Reducing Windows and STC Ratings

Your windows nowadays probably come with a lot of features that weren’t available when you originally bought your home. Style, energy efficiency, aesthetics – you name it. Modern windows can even reduce your energy bills. Some windows even benefit your ears as well.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston discusses noise-reducing windows and Sound Transition Class (STC) Ratings.

Noise-Reducing Windows and the STC Ratings

It should come as no surprise that noise-reducing windows prevent excessive noise from the outside from entering your home. Noise reducing features are measured with something called the STC rating. These ratings range from 18 to 38, with higher numbers meaning that your windows can filter more sound. Take caution, however, as too much noise reduction can make your ears more sensitive to sound.

The Ideal STC Rating

Ideal STC ratings differ with the type of window glass. A single-pane glass has a typical value of 27 while a double-pane one has a value of 26. Meanwhile, soundproof windows are usually valued at 48, with a normal STC Range of 48 to 54.

Our Renewal by Andersen windows have an STC rating of 34, making them ideal for your home and family.

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