Are Your Windows Giving You Good Ventilation?

One of the biggest considerations during many window replacement projects is ventilation. Specifically, it’s important to understand how different styles of replacement windows affect natural ventilation in your home. When planned and completed correctly, you can maximize just how much fresh air gets inside your home, further improving your comfort and cooling.

Most homeowners choose windows primarily for aesthetic appeal. While this is certainly important, it should not be the only factor that must be weighed when replacing your windows. 

How Important Is Ventilation?

More than 90% of Americans spend most of their time indoors, with windows their only access to clean and fresh air. Poor indoor air quality is considered among the top five major causes of health problems in the country. With this much at stake, the need for adequate ventilation cannot be understated. Luckily, you can improve the ventilation in your home by choosing the right style of replacement windows.

Windows and Ventilation

You need at least two windows, ideally on opposite sides of a room, to facilitate air flow. One window will serve as the inlet while the other is the outlet. This helps draw in fresh air from the outdoors into your home and push out stale air. Operable windows are best used for this purpose, and different styles will give you varying results in ventilation quality.

The Most Important Step

Whether you’re looking to replace double-hung windows for a bedroom or simply switching out the casements in your kitchen, the best way to make the most of your window replacement is to hire the right professionals. Replacing windows is hardly a DIY project, and it’s always a good idea to consult with a window contractor to ensure you’re getting all the benefits your windows provide.

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