Are Single- or Double-Hung Windows Perfect for You?

Single- and double-hung windows have their respective pros and cons. Both are great windows, but one will offer you the most value if you know more about each one’s functionality, aesthetics and reliability. To learn more about them in-depth, reputable window replacement expert Renewal by Andersen® of Houston shares insight on single- and double-hung windows.

Single- or Double-Hung Windows

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are one of the oldest, most popular window styles because of their simplicity and cost efficiency. They offer sufficient ventilation that is only surpassed by double-hung windows. They are notable for the way they operate — one sash slides up and down, while the other remains fixed to the frame.


Single-hung windows are popular because they’re easy to maintain. Most do not require special cleaning or additional sealing after the installation, especially if they are equipped with Fibrex® frames that won’t warp, rot or crack for decades.


These windows are affordable but offer limited ventilation. They’re perfect for bedrooms, garages and areas with a low need for efficient airflow. They can dehumidify bathrooms, but double-hung windows achieve better airflow and dehumidification.

Double-Hung Windows

Homeowners often prefer double-hung windows due to their versatility and ease of use. This modern window type has two operable sashes that provide excellent ventilation. They work best for homes regardless of their architectural style, making them a popular option among homeowners.


Double-hung windows offer excellent air circulation and latch security with two operable panes. Kitchens and bathrooms benefit greatly from the maximized airflow by opening two sashes for optimal ventilation. 


The only downside of double-hung windows is cleaning and cost. The two operable sashes of these windows add to their price tag. You’ll also frequently clean it because dust will accumulate between the frames more rapidly with two open sashes. Furthermore, repairs could be costly if the sashes’ pulleys and slides malfunction simultaneously.

Finding the Perfect Window

Cost and function are key factors in choosing between these two windows options. Single-hung windows are much more affordable and easy to maintain but offer less airflow efficiency. Alternatively, double-hung windows offer excellent ventilation but can be a higher investment.

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