5 Ways Window Design Affects Your Interior

Windows may have been initially conceived as a way to provide natural lighting and ventilation, but modern windows have since proven to be much more than that. Prospective homeowners consider windows as a major thing when choosing a new home while existing homeowners undertake a new window installation at least once in their lives.

 Window Design

The following are ways how window designs influence interior design.

  1. Natural lighting – Humans require natural light for health and well-being. Several studies conclude that lack of exposure to day-and-night cycles has cumulative adverse health effects. This is why windows that provide ample sunlight are the preferable option when it comes to window styles.

  2. Complementary design – Homeowners typically (and sometimes unconsciously) choose decor and furniture that complement the window style. Natural wood finishes look great with wood-finish window frames or composite frames with realistic wood textures, like the Fibrex® material frames used on every Renewal by Andersen® window replacement.

  3. Framing the perfect view – Homeowners who have a beautiful view right outside their home are fortunate. Whether it’s a lakeside, a lush forest, or a west-facing bedroom, it would be a wasted opportunity if the view isn’t framed by a picture window or even floor-to-ceiling windows. The view also influences furniture choice and placement; homeowners tend to choose the kind that doesn’t obstruct the view.

  4. Privacy control – Homeowners also employ window treatments based on how much privacy their existing window styles provide. Today’s homeowners are lucky in that every imaginable window treatment configuration is readily available. We also have obscured glass options of window treatments if this tickles your fancy.

  5. Energy efficiency – Energy-efficient windows help reduce your indoor heating and cooling requirements, resulting in lower energy bills. If you happen to be planning for an interior remodel, energy efficient windows give you more flexibility on radiator and air conditioning vent placement. Windows with low emissivity (Low-E) coatings, like our own High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, also gives you even more flexibility with furniture placement, as you don’t have to worry about fading caused by UV rays.

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