5 Reasons Why Window Seals Fail

An effective window seal protects your indoors from drafts and prevents heat from escaping your home. Over time, however, this crucial component of your windows will show signs of wear and tear. When this happens, your home’s indoor comfort levels and overall energy efficiency are compromised. Determining the cause is an important step in learning how to fix the issue.

5 Reasons Why Window Seals Fail

1. The Elements

Constant exposure to the elements can push window seals to the point of failure. For instance, when certain types of seal are overwhelmed with too much rain, water can seep behind them and cause them to lift. As a result, water and cold air pass through, affecting the window’s components.

2. Age

Not many window seals are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and you can notice this in many older windows. It is likely to fail if the method of weather protection is older. While updating the weatherstripping can work, pursuing a window replacement would be a better option.

3. Temperature

Window seals are often subjected to changes in temperature extremes given their proximity to the external facade of your home. Certain seal types can crack, shrink or sag because of this, making weather protection less effective.

4. Mold

Windows with condensation problems can cause the seals to be affected by mold, limiting their effectiveness. This is more likely if the seal is made from materials like rubber. Cleaning the dark streaks or spots with an alcohol-based cleaner or vinegar helps kill mold spores.

5. Maintenance

Sometimes, maintenance errors may deteriorate the window seals. While upkeep often involves keeping it dry and clean, be sure that you use cleaning substances deemed safe for the material that comes with the weatherstripping.

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