5 Reasons to Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

If the time has come for you to replace your windows, the clear answer is energy-efficient windows. Energy efficiency is the buzz phrase in every home improvement conversation – and for good reason. What it means essentially is that the window provides a tighter seal, which allows your home to use less energy. This allows you to enjoy many benefits for your home. 

5 Reasons to Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency offers numerous exciting and long-term benefits for you, your home and even your bank account. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, a trusted window and door replacement contractor, shares some of them below. 

  1. Lower Costs
     If you upgrade to energy-saving windows, you will reap the benefits of lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year. This is because energy-efficient windows have superior thermal performance and can reduce heat loss and heat gain.
  2. Eliminate Glare
    Energy-efficient windows are equipped with laminated glass that blocks out ultraviolet (UV) light and the uncomfortable glare that comes with it without limiting the amount of useful daylight. This means your household items like carpets, furniture and wall art will not fade due to severe sunlight exposure.
  3. Reduced Condensation
    Since the interior glass surface is warmer, you will not see frost in the winter or condensation because of the window’s ability to control humidity.
  4. Reduced Maintenance Needs
    Energy-efficient windows and doors require less maintenance because less condensation is present, and this lowers the chance of mold issues. Also, the UV-resistant coating helps eliminate water spots and dirt buildup on the outside.
  5. Increased Light
    Unlike special tinting film, energy-efficient windows operate without tint, which means better light and views
  6. Reduced Noise 
    One thing unique about energy-efficient windows is that inert gas like argon is typically inserted into the open spaces between the panes of glass. This feature helps block out outdoor noises, such as lawnmowers and barking dogs.

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