5 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Should Change

Windows and doors can be expensive to replace, so it’s good to take care of the ones you have. However, many people make bad habits when it comes to window maintenance that can lead to bigger problems down the road. In this blog post, we cover five bad window maintenance habits you should change if you want your Tomball, TX, windows and doors to stay in great shape for years to come. 

Window Maintenance Habits

1. Neglecting Window Maintenance

The most common bad habit when it comes to window maintenance is simply neglecting it altogether. While you may not think about your windows on a regular basis, taking the time to inspect them for damage and cleaning them once in a while can go a long way toward preserving their condition. Neglecting window maintenance can lead to bigger problems like water damage or mold growth, which will require more expensive repairs down the road. 

2. Not Cleaning Windows Regularly

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis helps remove dirt, dust and other debris that can cause damage to the window frame or pane over time. Moreover, clean windows look great and let in more natural light into your home!

3. Not Caulking or Sealing Windows

Caulking and sealing your windows can help prevent drafts, water damage and other issues that may occur due to poor window maintenance. Without proper caulking or sealing, air leaks can form around the edges of the window frame, which will not only make your home less energy-efficient but also cause damage to the surrounding area over time. 

4. Not Inspecting Windows for Damage

Inspecting your windows or patio doors for any signs of damage is another important part of maintaining them. Even if you clean them regularly and caulk/seal them properly, there may still be hidden issues that need attention. Taking a few minutes every month or so to inspect each window can help you spot any problems before they become major ones requiring expensive repairs. 

5. Not Replacing Worn or Broken Parts 

It’s vital to replace worn or broken parts as soon as possible to keep your windows functioning correctly. Cracks in frames or loose handles should be replaced right away in order to ensure optimal performance from your windows and doors.

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