4 Wise Ways to Maximize Daylighting With Windows

The sun is the ultimate source of free, natural illumination for your home. Its sustainability won’t be the problem, but rather your ability to harness it with windows while eliminating its downsides.

Maximize Daylighting With Windows

To maximize abundant natural light in the Lone Star State using windows, Renewal by Andersen of Houston shares four practical tips:

1. Choose Large Units

The amount of sunlight the window could catch is always relative to the size of its glass. Even if you live in a traditional home, you could still install oversized units while achieving historical accuracy. For as long as you display your home essential windows on the faccedilade, its curb appeal wouldn’t suffer.

If using big individual glass units wouldn’t work for some reason, put regular-sized ones together. Crowning casement, double-hung, or even sliding windows with transoms could suffice to promote adequate daylighting.

2. Catch The Sun From More Than One Direction

Admitting the sunshine from at least two directions is an elegant solution to eliminate glare. After all, a profusion of natural light is undesirable when itrsquos disabling or uncomfortable. Allowing the sun to enter your home through bay or bow windows helps achieve balanced light levels.

3. Use Translucent Glass To Diffuse Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight, however, causes discomfort. Apart from using drapes or blinds to neutralize it, using translucent glass helps diffuse the sun beams that come in straight to your interior. Fortunately, we offer different glass patterns to solve direct sunlight problems.

4. Install Many North-Facing Windows

To enjoy daylighting without experiencing too much solar heat gain, make sure your picture windows are oriented toward the north. Since heating during winter isnrsquot too big of a concern in our region, north-facing glass units are useful all year round.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Houston assess your situation to figure out the best ways to maximize daylighting. Call us today at (281) 547-6177 to schedule your FREE estimate in Sugar Land, TX, and talk about your Texas project.