4 Reasons It’s Better to Replace Than Repair Old Windows

There’s a point where repairs simply won’t fix your old and damaged windows, and you will need a replacement. It may be the costlier option, but consider that you will get more than merely addressing whatever apparent problems your old windows have.

4 Reasons It’s Better to Replace Than Repair Old Windows

Here are some of the reasons window replacement is better than repairs.

  1. It Addresses Structural Issues – If your old windows have structural issues, such as improper design, unnecessary embellishments that affect functionality or frames warped beyond repair, then getting new windows is a way to address these errors. Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows are built to size, which means we can address such structural problems without deviating from your home’s original design.

  1. It Improves Window Functionality – If you have windows that won’t stay open or closed, or won’t budge at all, then you definitely need new ones. The frames have likely been affected by temperature changes to the point where it won’t stay where you want it. Renewal by Andersen replacement window frames are made of Fibrex®, an exclusive compound that keeps its shape even when exposed to temperature extremes, allowing consistent and easy operation. Plus, certain styles feature sashes that can be removed or tilted for easy cleaning.

  1. It Makes Cleaning and Maintenance Easier – Repeated scraping and repainting is time-consuming and costly, and can take its toll on the window frames to the point where paint just won’t stay on as long as it used to, necessitating a complete window replacement. Our Fibrex material frames require virtually no maintenance and feature factory-applied colors and finishes guaranteed not to blister, crack or peel. All you need for maintenance is a bucket of water and a soft cloth.

  1. It Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Old windows will likely have developed gaps that allow air leakage, which pushes your indoor heating and cooling systems to compensate, resulting in increased energy consumption. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows feature superior insulation, thanks to the combination of our Fibrex material frames, High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass and precise installation process. This helps minimize thermal transfer and reduce your indoor heating and cooling requirements.

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