4 Real Reasons You’d Leave Window Replacement to Pros

The worst mistake you could ever do when tackling window replacement is skipping professional service. You may hear successful DIY stories, but discerning homeowners know that leaving the job to pros is worth every penny.

4 Real Reasons You’d Leave Window Replacement to Pros

Why entrust your window installation to Renewal by Andersen® of Houston? Here are the priceless benefits you’d get:

1. Ensuring Flawless Work

Even if you buy off-the-shelf products, fitting them into your openings is a highly technical task. Without proper training, adequate experience, and right equipment, it would be impossible to carry out the job faultlessly the first time. Workmanship errors lead to premature failures. And when your units fail, you’d ultimately need to call pros to correct the job.

2. Keeping Your Warranties Valid

Manufacturers have specific window replacement instructions in place that must be followed to the letter. Otherwise, you might lose your warranties by doing the job wrong. Worse, you might have to pay expensive repairs out of your pocket due to workmanship defects.

Hiring pros adept at the installation requirements of the products makes the difference between maintaining and losing your warranties.

3. Guaranteeing Safety

Replacing your double-hung, picture, and casement windows involve lifting heavy glass units. Drop one, and the blunder could lead to property damage and injuries.

There are two ways to install windows: the right way and the wrong way. Pros know how to remove and install hefty glass units while managing workplace hazards. On the other hand, untrained individuals are going to commit costly, rookie mistakes at some point.

4. Enjoying Convenience

Work with pros to eliminate all the hassles involved in the project. At Renewal by Andersen of Houston, we’ll take care of everything from start to end. We’ll measure, manufacture, install, cover, and service all of our products. We don’t subcontract work, ensuring you that we’ll be the only company involved in your window replacement. Plus, we offer you a wide variety of customization options. Under our guidance, we let you explore countless design possibilities to tailor your replacement windows to your functional and aesthetic needs.

Be a smart Texas homeowner and turn to Renewal by Andersen of Houston to handle your window replacement project in Katy, TX, with excellence. Call us at (281) 547-6177 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation at your convenience.