3 Tips to Enhance Your Home Daylighting

Your home’s windows are a significant contributor to your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetics. They grant you a great view of the curbside while allowing a generous amount of natural light into your home. This can be achieved through the use of daylighting – utilizing your windows as a medium to let light into your home. It may appear as a simple concept on the surface, but it requires a considerable amount of planning to execute it correctly.

Install High-Quality Windows

Keep in mind that letting in too much sunlight can be harmful as this can cause discomfort due to the glare and heat that passes through the windows. Your windows need to have panes, treatments and protective coatings to diffuse the light that passes through them and distribute it equally throughout your living space.

One of the most effective types of windows that work for this purpose are punched windows. These windows let in an adequate amount of natural light into your home while enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. 

Rearrange Your Living Space

Sometimes, your windows may not be the problem, but the layout of your living space. Inspect your living space, and check for anything that may be obstructing your windows from letting natural light from passing through them. These include tall plants, appliances or furniture. Once you move these out of the way, not only will you notice an increase in natural light, but also a more spacious room.

Redirect Light

Your home’s climate, design and orientation play a major role in your home’s daylighting. To improve this further, you can split the position of your windows by letting natural light in through the upper glazing and using the bottom glazing for looking at your beautiful neighborhood.

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