3 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before Window Replacement

Once you have finalized your window replacement plans, have approved and signed the paperwork, and have chosen the window installation date, congratulations, the hard parts are over. As installation day approaches, schedule a pre-installation meeting with your contractor to fine-tune some details before it begins. Here are some questions you should ask during this meeting:

3 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before Window Replacement

What Are Your Working Hours?

If you can’t be home during installation, ask the contractor about their work hours so you can adjust yours if needed. Our installation team arrives early in the morning to have enough time to carefully prepare work areas. Being able to meet with the installation team is preferable as you can go over the project details with our team.

Another reason we recommend an early meeting is because you will need to provide access for the installers. One team member will be assigned to keep the spare keys or security codes. If your security system allows using “disposable” guest codes, we recommend using that instead of your main security code.

How Do I Contact You?

Exchange contact information with our window replacement team. Certain situations may require your immediate approval before installation can proceed. Our team can also keep you updated on the progress of the installation while you’re away. In addition to a phone number, an email address or online messenger username can be useful if you need to share photos or documents.

On Which Areas Will You Be Working?

You should know the installation areas beforehand so you can move furniture and valuables out of the way. You can ask our team leader for the indoor and outdoor areas, so you will only need to move what’s needed. Our team can also take note of areas with immovable parts that will require protection, such as landscaping. This is also a good time to discuss access to bathrooms, parking and utility shutoffs. Once the installation is completed, our team will thoroughly clean all work areas and will even dispose of your old windows.

To learn more about our window replacement services or our popular window styles, including casement windows, fill out our contact form today. We serve Katy and nearby areas in Texas.