3 Excellent Ways to Get the Most Out of Sunny Windows

Great access to natural light is a must-have for every home. Nobody wants to live in a dark and cramped-looking space, after all. Natural light not only creates a neater, more spacious-looking home, but it can also improve its overall feel. And, if you have plenty of sunlit windows – all the better! Here are ways to make the most of them.

1. Improve your work space. Given how most people are working from home these days, you’ll want to have your own personal space where you can be both productive and comfortable. Does your home have a nice corner with a sunny window? You should consider turning it into a workstation. 

2. Use them to make a cozy breakfast nook. Instead of a quick chug of morning coffee under dim LEDs, why not enjoy breakfast in front of your sunny windows?  Just place a sturdy table and a pair of comfortable chairs near them, and you’re done. With this simple addition, you can turn a dull morning routine into something more cheerful and enjoyable. Did you know that exposure to natural light can improve your mood? That’s because sunshine gives you endorphins, plus Vitamin D, which helps boost immunity and wards off depression.

3. Create a comfortable reading lounge. Bay and bow windows are known for their unique shape, which allows sunlight to stream into your home from different angles. They also have a deep sill area that can be used as a small storage. Together, these distinctive features allow for a perfect reading nook. You can use the sill as a seating area, with a nice cushion and some pillows, and the space beneath can serve as storage for books and other reading materials. 

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