Window Replacement: 4 Tips to Keep Your Home Mess-Free

As with any home improvement project, replacing your windows can be extremely dusty and messy. Even the most experienced and qualified window installers cannot guarantee a clean window replacement. This is especially true if you’re considering a full-frame installation.

Window Replacement

For this reason, one of the first things you need to do is prepare your home before the installers arrive. This way, you ensure the window installation process goes as smoothly as possible. To help you keep your home mess-free, here are four tips you should consider. 

1. Prepare a Walking Path

It’s important that the installation crew has a clear walking path around the windows inside and out. Take the time to remove furniture, plants, rugs or anything that can get in the installers’ way. You may also want to consider removing interior doors from their hinges to give your installers more room to bring in their tools, equipment, and the new windows that will be installed.

2. Remove Accessories

Once there is a pathway available inside and outside your home, take down window treatments, such as curtains, shades and drapes. If you’re doing a retrofit installation, however, your installers may be able to leave the window-covering hardware in place. To make sure, it’s a good idea to consult your contractor ahead of time. Also, take down any artwork, photos or hanging wall decorations before the window replacement. The vibration from the tools may shake them off the wall, or they may get dirty during the process. 

3. Opt for Extra Protection

For large items that must remain in place, be sure to provide added protection. While your window contractor may try to minimize the mess by putting down drop cloths, you may want to provide extra protective coverings for furniture and flooring to catch debris and make cleanup easier. In the bathroom, for instance, adding cardboard in the bottom of the bathtub will protect it should your installers have to stand inside to replace a window. In the backyard, cover shrubs and other plants with drop cloths or plastic sheets to minimize damage. 

4. Plan for Cleanup

A reputable window company usually has a post-installation cleanup plan that involves the removal of the old windows and other debris. However, even though the majority of the mess will be handled, you may want to plan for a major overhaul clean-up after all the protective coverings and drop cloths have been removed. Instead of using your household vacuum, consider investing in a good shop vac to get rid of drywall dust, splintered wood and other debris that may have resulted from your window replacement. 

If you’re replacing your windows, trust only the professionals. At Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, we are determined to reduce the mess as much as possible as we improve your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. To get started with your project, call us today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out our online contact form for a free in-home consultation. Our Texas service areas include Sugar Land and the rest of Fort Bend County.