Why Do Your Window Seals Fail?

Windows may encounter various issues, and one of the common dilemmas is seal failure. Fogging, hazing or moisture between the two panes are common signs of window seal failure. However, it’s still essential to understand the main culprits for this window issue. Today, we’ll talk you through that and more in this guide!

Window Seals Fail
  • Mold: Condensation can cause mold to grow, which can damage the window seal. It can make the seal ineffective, especially if it’s made of a rubber material. Make sure mold or discoloration is immediately removed with an alcohol-based cleaner or vinegar to kill the spores.
  • Poor maintenance: Neglecting your dirty or damaged windows would cause further issues to the seals. Make it a habit to have your windows inspected by a professional for a clearer understanding of its maintenance as well.
  • Extreme weather conditions: While window seals are made to resist harsh elements, they also have limits. If your windows experience constant rain exposure, water can seep behind the seals and cause them to lift. Exposure to extremely hot or cold conditions or sudden temperature changes can significantly cause window seals to shirk, sag or crack. 
  • Age: Old and drafty windows are more likely to fail. What you can do is update the weatherstripping on your windows as recommended by your manufacturer to ensure it remains efficient.

Addressing The Problem

There’s always a reason why people are urged to select windows that come with comprehensive warranties and read the conditions, and this is one of them. You may be able to get manufacturer warranties that may cover addressing seal failures.

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