What You Should Know About a Replacement Window Warranty

Window replacement can always prove to be worth the investment. While it can dramatically change how your home’s interior and exterior look, the real value is often in the new windows’ contribution to your home’s energy efficiency.

Replacement Window Warranty

And as with any home improvement projects that require significant costs, you need to have some sort of contingency to back you up in case something goes wrong. This happens rarely with products from established and trusted brands or manufacturers. But when they do, homeowners don’t need to worry about any additional expenses since their replacement window warranties are solid.

That said, among the things that you should consider when hiring a window contractor are the warranties they offer. Read on to learn more about replacement window warranties.

Manufacturer vs. Contractor Warranties

The warranties available for replacement windows offer different types of coverage with varying lengths of validity. Nevertheless, two main types of window warranty are usually offered: manufacturer and contractor warranties.

Manufacturer warranties provide coverage for defects in the windows. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of this type of warranty so that you’ll know the things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to keep the warranty in full effect.

Meanwhile, contractor warranties are offered by the window contractor themselves. These guarantee the workmanship on the installation. They typically last for a year, but they can be extended further depending on your needs.

Warranty Claims

Generally, window manufacturers and contractors have their own processes for filing warranty claims. If problems with your new windows arise, it’s best to review the warranty agreement and contact the relevant party.

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