What NRFC® Window Labels Mean

Shopping for windows does not only require you to be aware of the right style, size or frames; it also means understanding features and characteristics they possess. You have likely been advised about the ENERGY STAR® labels, but many homeowners are unaware that checking the window’s National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC) ratings is also essential. We’ll discuss more of that here today:

NRFC Window Labels Mean

Understanding NFRC® Labels

An NFRC certification is given to any product that has been independently tested, certified and labeled based on its energy performance. It summarizes how well a window, door and skylight can perform. These labels generally include the following:

  1. U-Factor measures the ability of a window or door to prevent heat from escaping the room. Look for a lower number, ranging from 0.20 to 1.20, indicating better capacity.
    • Range: 0.20-1.20
    • Look for: low numbers
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures the capacity of a window or door to resist unwanted heat gain and keep your interior cool. Lower numbers indicate good SHGC.
    • Range: 0-1
    • Look for: low numbers
  3. Air Leakage means less energy waste for you as lower numbers indicate the window or door experiences fewer drafts. 
    • Range: 0-0.3
    • Look for: low numbers
  4. Visible Transmittance tells how much natural light your window replacement can allow into your home. Higher numbers mean more natural light.
    • Range: 0-1
    • Look for: high numbers.

How Does NFRC Differ From ENERGY STAR®?

As expected, it’s essential to look at the ENERGY STAR rating whether you are installing windows or sliding contemporary doors. Although NFRC labels can give you a quick rundown of the energy performance of a window or door, they do not readily tell you if a product is good or bad. ENERGY STAR aims to simplify it for you as it identifies only those products that have been proven to have superior energy performance.

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