Warning Signs Your Window Seals Have Failed

A seal around the perimeter of a window ensures an airtight fit by locking in the gas within the panes to help create a barrier against outside temperatures and other elements. However, due to excessive wear and tear, there will come a time when the seals of your windows and patio doors will fail. Here are three common signs your window seals have failed.

Window Seals Have Failed

  1. The glass is foggy. If you see a buildup of fog or mist within the panes of the window, it likely indicates that it has lost its insulating properties. When the seal of an insulated glass unit (IGU) has failed, it will allow moisture and condensation to leak in, causing the foggy appearance. It is important to address foggy windows as soon as possible as it can lead to further damage such as mold and rot.

  2. The window is drafty. If there are drafts around the window, it means that its seal has deteriorated, letting air seep into your home. The presence of drafts also allows conditioned air to escape through gaps, which can result in significant energy loss. A windows and doors specialist can help you determine a long-term solution for this problem, so make sure to contact one before other problems arise.

  3. Energy costs are higher. Since a higher energy bill is a direct result of energy loss, which could be caused by drafty windows, it is also a prominent sign of a failed window seal. When the seal of an insulated window fails to perform well, your heating and cooling system overworks itself to maintain the ideal temperature inside your home, causing a surge in your energy bills.

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